Harveys Bus – Schools

Our aim is to make it as efficient as possible for schools to get a quick and accurate quotation for any trips that you are planning,
We want everybody to stay safe and travel in comfort, and by agreeing to the following points we can all work together to achieve that goal.

All our drivers are CRB approved and passed by Devon County Council or Torbay Council to drive on school services
Please always treat your driver with respect and follow their instructions
Don’t distract the driver except in an emergency
Stay in your seat, and as all our buses have seat belts they must be used at all times
If you see others behaving inappropriately tell your driver or your school
finally, please get on and off sensibly, without pushing others or the doors of the bus, and if you need to cross the road once you have left the bus, wait till the bus has driven away so you can see other vehicles and their drivers can see you.

School Routes
Over the winter months, we do experience some very bad weather, schools close and school buses find it impossible to complete their routes which can result in a lot of confusion for everybody involved.

As soon as our driver’s are aware of any problems, the DCC website will be updated to give you the information you need to make a decision about alternative arrangements to get to school.

Please also listen to the local BBC radio Devon, and phone the school for advice before setting out. If your parents or carers take you to school in the morning because you’re not sure if the bus is running, they must also be prepared to collect you in the afternoon, if the weather is still bad.